* All weights are nominal. Length of pull, barrel length, contour, and caliber all impact finished weight.

Model 20 SHORT


(The Ultimate Mountain Rifle) This is a short action rifle designed for the absolute utmost in portability and accuracy. The action itself weighs a mere 20 ounces, with a completed rifle scaling at 4.75 pounds* without the scope. The Ultimate Mountain Rifle is available in short action calibers from .17 Remington through .30 Remington AR. $3,500 (add $ 100 for left hand)

Model 20


(The Ultimate Mountain Rifle) This rifle is built on an intermediate length action. It is designed for exceptional accuracy with .308 class cartridges, while maintaining extreme lightweight. The action weighs a modest 20 ounces, and the finished rifle is only 5 pounds.* The Ultimate Mountain rifle is available in all .308 length cartridges, including the .284 Winchester. A three-inch magazine is featured to allow extra versatility for load development. $3,500 (add $ 100 for left hand)

Model 20 Varmint


(The Ultimate Varmint Rifle) – This rifle has the same advantages found on our Model 20 and Model 20 Short Actions, but with a classic varminter stock with a 2.5 inch wide forend. Weight: 7.5 pounds.*  $3,500 (left-hand add $100)

Model 24

24 RH Final-2 copy

(The Ultimate Plains Rifle) – The Model 24 is designed for the 30-06 Springfield size cartridges and offers a 3 3/8” magazine. It weighs 5.5* pounds without a scope. This rifle is popular with many who primarily hunt deer but have a chance to hunt bigger game from time to time.  $3,600 (left-hand add $100)


28 Short RH Final-2 copy

(The Ultimate Alaskan Rifle) – The Model 28 Short was originally designed to handle the 6.5mm and .350 Remington Magnums. It works just as well with the .300 Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. When lightweight and power are what you need in your rifle, this is the rifle for you. Weight: 5.75 pounds. $3,900 (left-hand add $100)


28 Final copy

(The Ultimate Alaskan Rifle) – The Model 28 is our magnum action and handles .338 Winchester Magnum size cartridges. Even with powerful handloads, recoil is manageable and accuracy is astounding. This is the rifle the serious world traveling hunter chooses when failure is not an option. Weight: 6.0 pounds.*     $3,900 (left-hand add $100)



(Professional Hunter) – The Model 32 action accommodates the .375 H&H Magnum and other cartridges based on the .404 Jeffrey. This rifle has a magazine length of 3.812” and holds two cartridges down and one in the chamber. For the true African or Alaskan professional hunter, the Model 32 is the one rifle answer. Weight: 7.25 pounds.*  $3,900 (left-hand add $100)



(The Ultimate African Rifle) – The Model 40 is built for the most powerful magnum cartridges available, such as the .416 Rigby. This rifle represents the ultimate combination of power and weightlessness available to the dangerous game hunter. Weight: 8 pounds, 13 ounces.* $3,900 (left-hand add $100)


22 RF LH-2 copy

(The Ultimate .22 Rimfire Rifle) – The Model 20 Rimfire is the lightest .22 rimfire available that can consistently deliver bench rest quality accuracy. It is available in single-shot or repeater. Stocks are offered in either sporter or bench rest style. There is no extra charge for left-hand models. Weight: 5.75 pounds.*            Rimfire Options: Benchrest stock + $ 58. Single shot action only: $750. Repeater action only: $875.  Single Shot – $ 1,800  Repeater – $ 1850.00

(Extra Magazines $ 35.00 each)