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• The strongest, lightest stock in the industry.

• Douglas premium quality, button-rifled barrels.

• Melvin Forbes designed, Talley® Lightweight Alloy Scope Mounts included with each rifle. (1 inch or 30mm.)

• A lockable hard case with each rifle.


• Your choice of stock color. (Create your own design or choose from one of our popular options.)

• Your choice of stock length of pull. (If you are unsure of the proper length of pull we can help with that determination.)

• Matte or bright stock finish.

• Sporter or varmint-style stock configurations.

• Your choice of barrel length.

• Your choice of barrel contour – tapper and diameter. (The smallest possible with .30 caliber and smaller is a number 1 contour.)

• Your choice of stainless steel or chrome-molybdenum (CM) barrels.

• Matte or bright metal finish.

• All production and wildcat cartridges available. (You can choose any cartridge between .22 LR and .416 Remington Magnum.)

• Special throat dimensions.

• Choice of Timney® or Jewell® triggers.

• Right or left hand action.

• Single shot or repeater on all models.

• Threaded muzzle and back-up sights. (Special circumstances exist. May not be available on all models.)