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“It would be my pleasure to walk you through the process and build one of my rifles for you.”          Melvin Forbes

When a customer is given this many options, picking the right features is fun, but can become difficult.   If you cannot find an answer here, please call us and we will be glad to respond as quickly as possible. Here are some of the questions we are most often asked:

Q. What model and caliber should I choose? I mostly hunt deer, but will hunt elk once in a while too.

A. Caliber selection is a very personal thing. What one hunter or shooter likes, the next thinks is entirely inadequate. Read some articles by writers you trust and talk with your local sporting goods dealer about what caliber suits your specific needs the best. Once the caliber is chosen, there is a model in our line that has been specifically designed for that cartridge.

Q. What barrel length is best for my rifle?

A. Generally speaking, short action calibers such as the 7mm-08 Remington or the .308 Winchester will work great with a 22” barrel. Calibers in the .30-06 category can have either a 22” or 24” barrel, and magnum calibers such as the .300 Winchester Magnum work best with a 24” barrel. Shorter barrels are a little bit lighter and handier, but longer barrels will give better velocity. You will have to decide which is more important in your situation.

Q. I bet this rifle kicks hard since it is so light.

A: In reality, the rifle was designed with shooter comfort in mind, so recoil is rarely a problem with most people. The straight, classic-style stock, with the high heel, sloping comb and full size cheek piece brings recoil directly to the shooter instead of rotating like on a Monte Carlo-style stock. The lightweight of the rifle will cause initial acceleration to be greater, but the duration of the recoil will be shorter thanks to that same lightness. If you can handle the recoil of the same caliber in another rifle, you can easily handle ours.

Q: What is the stock made of?

A: Our stock is made of Kevlar®, reinforced with carbon fiber. It is the lightest, stiffest rifle stock ever created by man.

Q: Is the barrel free-floated or bedded?

A: Every one of our rifles is full-length bedded from the tang to the forend using the barreled action for that stock. The result is full contact between the barrel and the stock. This has been shown to dampen barrel vibration and increase accuracy potential.

Q: What happens if a part breaks or a horse tramples my gun?

A: You can return the rifle to us (unloaded, of course) with an explanation of the problem. We will evaluate the situation and tell you if there will be a charge for the repair. Please do not send slings or other accessories with your rifle. Be sure to insure the package for the replacement cost of the rifle and scope – if a scope is sent with the rifle. Include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address with your letter.